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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Sunday Matches

Final arrangements for Sunday.
Gowerton team meet at 11:15:
Owen, Cam, Ike, Josh R, Dylan, Tom H, Connor, Tom R, Josh B, Keiran. Coach: Matt.
Skewen team meet at 10:30: Ethan, Luca, Arthur, Myles, Sam, Lloyd, Eddie, Finley, Duncan. Coach: Ian and Mike.

Thanks for the effort everyone. It shows a lot of commitment that we can field two teams, especially with a few boys out of Swansea this weekend. Hopefully the players will really benefit.

We have had two invitations for matches this weekend, so will aim to send one team to Gowerton and another to Skewen. With the numbers in our squad so high this is the ideal opportunity for the boys to have a full game. We know from the last couple of weeks how frustrating it is to have continuous substitutions, and to travel for just a few minutes rugby. I know from older age groups that this can work really well for the boys, they learn more, develop quicker, and enjoy the game more. But it can only work if we have a committed squad. Teamer invites and instructions will be sent this evening. If people are away, that obviously can't be helped, but if you can make it WE WILL NEED ALL AVAILABLE PLAYERS.

If this works well, we'll try and do it more often, aiming to keep the full squad together for home games, and split for away games. More rugby. Less standing round.