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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Weekend Plans


The Skewen match is off (waterlogged pitch). So far things are looking OK for the Briton Ferry match. As we did not have training we will invite all to this match, but there will only be one game unfortunately. So if you are struggling to get there, don't worry as we will have plenty of players. The good news is another team, Abercrave are coming, which will be fun, but due to pitch availability we will only be able to play a short (half) match against each of them, with some training on the sidelines in between.

All meet at Briton Ferry at 10:15. Directions: basically through Briton Ferry centre and up the hill on the right. Map HERE.

Training details.... We will be moving back to the park on Fridays for training, but with the bad weather and the pitch at Underhill already a mess we won't bother this week. Next week we will have to start back at training at 4 - 5, because of the light. As soon as we can we will move to 4:30 as the light improves, and will aim long term to have the 5 - 6 slot as our standard training time.