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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Laws of the game

As we all witnessed this morning, sometimes it can be a very difficult task being a referee. Currently if it wasn't for Mike, we wouldn't have a qualified person to ref the matches, this is something everyone needs to remember.

At the level the Wildcats are playing it would be feasible for the ref to blow his whistle for around 90% time around the tackle area. This is because the game has so many areas the plyers need to become familar with. It is important that players and spectators understand that the development of teams would be curtailed if the referee was "whistle happy". Striking a balance between the two teams has to be the key for all stakeholders, players, spectators and coaches alike. This is something I believe Mike does particularly well.

For those interested, the WRU publication, Rugby Pathway; Minis to Millenium can be downladed here. It shows the stages of development and rules with which we play.

As usual, all players today showed commitment and desire. Everyone can be very pleased with their contribution towards a successful morning for the Wildcats. Training Friday, onwards and upwards.