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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Weekend Plans - Game ON

Game on at FALL BAY. Meet 10:30 AT FALL BAY (scurlage
SA3 1BA)
Arthur, Sam, Owen, Josh, Cam, Ethan, Lloyd, Dunc, Luca

Friday Training is OFF. The pitch is frozen solid and yesterday it did not defrost at all during the day. Best make the early call and cancel.

This is the team for Sunday. The way it is going there is a good chance of cancellation, so please keep an eye on blog. Some of the weather forecasts are predicting rain on Saturday, which might well soften up the ground, in which case the game should be on. Still, we are keeping this to small numbers for obvious reasons.... Fall Bay Team (if it warms up a bit)....Arthur, Ike, Dylan, Owen, Josh, Cam, Ethan, Lloyd, Dunc, Luca.